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We offer a large selection of many different species and hybrids from a wide range of genera at reasonable prices, from well established mature blooming plants to a large selection of hybrids - over 300 varieties.

If you are local, in central North Carolina, please visit our greenhouses in Morrisville, NC for all your Orchid needs, including Orchid Sales, Orchid Supplies and our Orchid Care Services.

You may also order your Orchid selections online. We ship to all of the 48 contiguous United States, except Arizona. We do not ship to Arizona, Alaska or Hawaii.

Click here for Ordering Information. You may order with our online form or you may choose to print out an order form and mail or FAX it to us.

Please read our Terms and Conditions for ordering and shipping.

Click here for our Hybrid Sales - our offerings of Cattleyas, Miltonias, and other Hybrids. Our Hybrids are a chance to get new interesting crosses never before made or remakes of old hybrids not now seen in cultivation. You will find our hybrids well established and growing vigorously; many ready for repotting up to large pots. Feel free to contact us about culture information or other questions about the plants you purchase and we will be happy to provide helpful information.

Click here for our Orchid Species and Primary Hybrids - A list of most of the species and primary hybrids available at The Orchid Trail.


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