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Orchid Trail is a full service orchid care servicer and sales showroom located in Morrisville, NC with three professional orchid growers. Orchid Trail was founded in 1999 by John Stanton who has a passion for growing, collecting and hybridizing orchids. We offer a variety of orchid care services including greenhouse rental space, orchid sales, potting services, and potting supplies. Please browse our orchid inventory, as we have over 2,000 types of orchids for sale.  Our team always invites you to ask questions, feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your orchid and orchid care. Paul Feaver is our orchid species specialist and Dendrobium expert. Paul can help answer any of your questions relating to orchids or orchid sales. Sara Gallis is our Bulbophyllum specialist and lead orchid care grower.

While at Orchid Trail Greenhouses, save some time to visit our Private Collection. Our Private Collection has over 2,500 orchids from a wide range of genera. This is probably one of the largest private collections in North Carolina. Specimen plants of Dendrobiums, Cattleyas, and a wide variety of species predominate. 

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We offer a wide range of orchid species and hybrids along with orchid care services.

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